Study Sites

 MG 8105CElevitchBraund Farms

Has about 9 acres of coffee trees growing in the shade of macadamia nuts. This is an example of two commercial crops grown together on the same piece of land to lessen the impact of market fluctuations. Owned by the Braund family, Derek Kirk manages daily operations.

buddhas cup kona coffeeBuddha's Cup Estate Grown Kona Coffee

Cultivates coffee in the understory of a 50 acre native 'ohi'a lehua forest in Keauhou at the 2200 ft elevation. Buddha's Cup is operated by Chris and Jen Coleman with management by Manny.


canopy coffee companyCanopy Coffee Company

Cultivates coffee trees within a native 'ohi'a lehua forest that is estimated to be hundreds of years old. Cultivating this coffee assists in control of invasive species that have invaded the forest. Canopy Coffee Company is owned and operated by Churd and Chew Hanson.

 MG 9590CElevitchEarthly Delights Farm

Grows certified organic coffee, macnuts, citrus, breadfruit, and garden vegetables. This family farm is managed by Bonnie and Bacci Perata.

 MG 8025CElevitchImagine Estate Grown 100% Kona Coffee

Was established in 2005 in the shade of a young 10-acre macadamia nut orchard. After 2 years, the coffee was a finalist in the 2007 Gevalia Cupping competition. Imagine is operated by Chris and Jen Coleman with management by Manny.

 MG 7876CElevitchIsland Sun Coffee

Grows coffee under a uniform canopy of 30 year old monkeypod trees. The monkeypod shade is thought to help the coffee thrive in a hotter, drier environment than it usually prefers. Island Sun is managed by its owners Al and Donna Woolley.

kanalani farmKanalani Ohana Farm

Produces certified organic coffee in a diverse agroforest including other crops such as covered with avocado, mango, papaya, guava, coconut, orange, apple, fig, and flowering trees. This family farm is managed by Melanie and Colehour Bondera.

kona lea plantation coffeeKona Le`a Plantation (Holualoa Kona Coffee Company)

Produces certified organic coffee under the shade of nitrogen fixing trees such as gliricidia and monkeypod. The trees are pruned periodically to manage the light infiltration and to add organic matter to the soil. The farm is managed by Desmond and Lisen Twigg-Smith.

 MG 2096CElevitchKuaiwi Farm

Produces organically certified shade-grown coffee on the slopes of Mauna Loa 2000' elevation. Other crops include avocado, banana, citrus, and cacao. Kuaiwi Farm is managed by Una Greenaway and Leon Rosner.


 MG 9206CElevitchMeheula Farm

Has produced shade-grown coffee in South Kona for over 25 years. A wide variety of fruit trees grow among the coffee trees, and geese and ducks help keep the weeds under control. Meheula Farm is managed by Barbara and Kalehua Meheula.

 MG 9275CElevitchOhi'a Forest Farm

Integrates the diverse native flora existing on the site with other crop trees in the understory, mainly coffee plants. 'Ohi'a Forest Farm is managed by Denver Leaman and Trisha Bobnar.


 MG 8171CElevitch

Sweet Spirit Farms

Produces coffee under the shade of monkeypod trees on a low elevation site. The farm also produces other crops such as mango and noni. Paul and Deb Sims own and operate Sweet Spirt Farms.