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  • Designing homegarden agroforest, Hawaii
  • Picking shade-grown coffee.
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Agroforestry is a relatively new word that refers to growing trees together with other agricultural crops and animals, with benefits to plants, animals, people, and the environment. Even though the concept is new, agroforestry has been practiced for thousands of years to sustainably provide food, medicine, and materials. Agroforestry also provides many of the ecological services we value highly: conservation of soil and water, biodiversity, and beauty, to name just a few. Many people are now rediscovering agroforestry as a way to address food security, resource conservation, and habitat restoration, while building local economic capacity. 

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INTERNSHIP in Agroforestry Holistic Regeneration beginning Fall 2023

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This web site provides home growers, farmers, extension agents, and researcher information resources for learning more about agroforestry, including

  • The Overstory, a free agroforestry journal has been published by Agroforestry Net since 1997. Each issue covers an important subject related to trees and agroforestry. You can view all past editions here.
  • Free publications published by Agroforestry Net. These works cover many of the important trees and agroforestry systems of the tropics as well as some temperate systems.
  • The Agroforesters Library includes books, periodicals, and species references recommended by our readers since 2001.

Agroforestry Net, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing educational resources about regenerative agroforestry, trees, and stewardship of land and water.